amiciMonithon (from “Citizen Monitoring Marathon”) is an award-winning, civil society initiative aimed at monitoring the progress and the results of development projects in Italy.

Together with the governmental portal OpenCoesione, it has ranked #4 in the world at the Open Government Partnership Awards 2014.barca twitter

Monithon promotes citizen monitoring of cohesion policy
through active involvement of communities and a shared methodology. Monithon has rapidly evolved from being an innovative new platform, built by the “civic hacking” community, into a transferable civic engagement format.

Through monitoring marathons, groups of citizens set out on explorations around their area and collect useful materials (further data, interviews, photos, etc.) on specific projects  in order to evaluate the effectiveness of public spending.  Bottom-up control over public policies and collaboration with relevant stakeholders has proved particularly effective in local transportation system and reuse of properties seized from organized crime.

In one year of activity Monithon has drawn a dozen local communities (some formed on purpose and other based on existing associations) and more than 200 people into civic monitoring activities, mostly in Southern Italy, where also the largest amount of cohesion funds are concentrated. More than 50 citizen reports are now available on the Monithon website, many of which originated further interaction with the Administrations.