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Since 2012 OpenCoesione allows easy access to detailed information on how cohesion funds are spent. Through the web portal, citizens can identify what projects the 40+ local and national administrations are funding. They can follow the development of each project on a regular basis by viewing and downloading data on how funds are being spent, who is receiving the money, what progress is being made and when they are expected to be completed. The Monithon platform makes a connection between government information and local communities by facilitating a closer look on the OpenCoesione projects and providing civic partners with a way to press forward and report malpractice. But they also allow citizens to collaborate in making these projects work, in accelerating their completion and understanding whether they actually respond to local demand.

OC bibliotecaThe open data portal is a single point of access to open, detailed and high-quality data on cohesion projects and provides interactive visualizations, maps and search forms, raw data at the project level and API’s – in order to enable the re-use of data by other administrations, researchers, journalists and citizens. As of September 2014, the portal covers 800,000+ projects funded since 2007, representing an overall value of approx. 80 billion euros.
Moreover, as part of the overall strategy, the OpenCoesione initiative provides proactive support for citizen engagement activities based on the available information and involves an increasing number of civil society organizations engaged in promoting a more effective use of public funding.