A project carried out by the Department of Economics, Society and Politics (DESP), University of Urbino, Italy, and funded by Eiburs –EIB University Research Sponsorship Programme, Line of research: Development of public e-services in Europe (2010-2013)

TAIPS involves a group of qualified scholars in the field of economics of innovation and experts of ICT diffusion and technology management, who have joined their competencies to explore the nature and determinants of public e-service development in Europe.

The project examines how technological and organizational innovation affects the ability of Public Administrations to meet the actual and potential demands for new and improved services expressed by different categories of users, including citizens, communities, firms and other institutions. This issue should rank very high in the political agenda to renew the Lisbon Strategy. In fact, the introduction of digital technology and the provision of web based services can be seen as fundamental drivers for the efficiency of public sector but also, and even more important, as key factors facilitating the diffusion and generation of knowledge, and to improve the overall performances of EU economies.


TAIPS pursues four main objectives: (a) a comprehensive state-of-the-art of public e-service development across EU countries, based on existing sources of quali-quantitative information; (b) the construction of a novel database on the diffusion of three e-service platforms in selected EU countries, to explore the characteristics and likely determinants of their diffusion; (c) statistic and econometric analyses, as well as case studies to capture a variety of technical, organisational and institutional aspects affecting the diffusion of public e-services; (d) reflections and suggestions for public policy, including the management of Public-Private-Partnerships, measures facilitating open access to public networks and services, and the role of public resources for e-services to favour European Cohesion.